Database Download Contract between the Provider and the Customer-Exemption from Liability 

Downloading is allowed only if you have a valid software license for the chosen CAD System.

l. Use of Customer's data, privacy, and data protection 
The Provider will keep a record of the Customer's use and account information. This record wish be kept for the legally allowed period of time. Upon request, the customer has a right to inspect the stored data free of charge. In accordance with the Federal Data Protection Law, the Customer is hereby informed that the Provider will store and process the Customer's full address and other contract specific details in machine readable form. The Provider will ensure that this data is handled confidentially. The Customer must register for the purpose of downloading and concluding the contract by filling out the following form. The Provider has the explicit right to pass on the data canceling the Customer's use to the respective manufacturer. The data may also be passed on to third parties for advertisement and/or marketing and opinion research purposes. 

2. Guarantee
The Provider does not guarantee the accessibility of the database or the ability to download the stored data. The Provider has taken the greatest possible care in compiling the database. A guarantee is not given for the data's correctness, completeness, accuracy, or usefulness. There is no guarantee that the parts' dimensions listed in the database and the actual parts are identical. In particular, there is no guarantee for any minor interference while searching and downloading or regarding the contents of the data (i.e. typos) that do not significantly diminish the usefulness of the database. Deficiencies with the Customer's computer, interruptions of the communication lines, or the Customer's misuse of the data are excluded from this guarantee. 

3. Usability 
The use of the database, free of charge, is granted on good faith and at the Customer's own risk. The Provider assumes liability only in the case of intentional and gross negligence or the violation of one of the essential contractual obligations. No liability will be assumed for damages caused by the use of data provided by third parties. 

4. Use restrictions 
The Licensee is neither entitled to transfer the herewith granted rights to third parties in part or in the whole, nor to sub-license their corresponding rights of use. A duplication of the entrusted Software, in machine-readable or print form is only allowed under the terms and conditions of the present agreement. Copying for use on other central data processing equipments, including any possible branch of the Licensee, will require the execution of a separate license agreement on the use of the copy. Without prior written consent by Licensor, it is strictly prohibited to the Licensee: The transfer of the Software or its corresponding written material as well as disclosing the information to a third party. The duplication, modification, translation, development, recompilation or reassembling of the Software. The drawing, duplication or distribution of works sourced from the Software, the duplication, translation, modification of the written material or the drawing, duplication or distribution of works sourced from it except for internal purposes or in case of legal requirements. The copying of the CAD files for use in a new database created at the "end User's" site. Any duplication of this data is strictly prohibited, for any purpose, commercial or otherwise. The translation, processing, arrangement and any other conversion of the downloaded database files will require the permission of the "Provider". The renaming of the CAD files contents is strictly prohibited. 

By clicking on the "OK" button, you signify that you agree to the use of your data and to the above stated terms and conditions.