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ALM is capable of supplying application specific crossed roller bearing sets. Our unique position as the sole U.S. manufacturer of crossed roller ways allows ALM to respond quickly with application specific roller retainers, ways, bearings, etc. Standard modifications include retainer material, roller pitch, impregnated dry film lubrication, corrosion resistant options including wipers and plating, vacuum compatible components, non-matched length ways with precision entry angles, etc. Custom fabrication capability includes but is not limited to 400 series stainless steel
ways, aluminum ways, special length ways, non-standard mounting hole configurations, etc.


We at ALM continually strive to provide cost-effective solutions to all your precision linear positioning requirements. In addition to our line of cataloged standard products, we offer extensive design, development and fabrication expertise to meet custom requirements and the needs of O.E.M. users. Our applications and production engineering staffs have more than 50 years combined experience in linear motion. Our manufacturing facilities and staff include 30+ years of "hands-on"linear motion fabrication experience and 60,000+ square feet of machining capability. This allows ALM to meet the most exacting requirements with the most efficient methods known, while maintaining effective cost control. Requirements may range from the addition of tapped/reamed/bored holes on a standard product to the complete design and development of a "special" for specific applications. We are eager to provide complete service for design and manufacturing of any custom concepts. ALM standard slides are supplied with NO mounting holes. We encourage our customers to submit concept or detailed drawings for engineering review. We recommend ALL standard product modification be performed at ALM, prior to assembly and test. This will prevent cosmetic defects, damage and contamination in the bearings, and any liability due to performance. These modifications are performed quickly and at minimal cost.


  • STANDARD HOLE PATTERNS - English and Metric.
  • NON-STANDARD MATERIAL - Rail sets can be fabricated in stainless steel for corrosive or vacuum environments. Slide plates can be fabricated from a wide variety of material dependent on the specific application and the lengths altered for specific size and travel requirements.
  • COMPOUNDING - any standard slide or stage can be compounded (precision pinning) in a 90 degree orientation to provide X-Y axis of motion. Z axis motion utilizing precision angle brackets also available.
  • DRIVE SCREWS - A wide assortment of drive screw mechanisms including varying pitch "V" threads, acme threads, ballscrews (precision or commercial grade), universal leadscrews and standard or metric pitch threads.
  • CONTAMINATION RESISTANCE - teflon seals or shields, hypalon polyester bellows.
  • MOTOR MOUNTING - NEMA standard mounting brackets supplied with flexible coupling. Servo grade coupling option available.
  • POSITIONING LOCKS - mechanisms allowing sturdy positioning restriction.
  • FINISH - hard coat anodize, black anodize, black oxide, electroless nickel plate, etc.

Please consult our expert applications engineering staff at 1 (800) 892-3991 for specific technical assistance. Fax your design specifications  to (516) 333-1729
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