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Recent Updates -

5/22/01 - RALMTEC  is now part of American Linear Manufacturers.


RALMTEC came into existence in 1994 following the restructuring of a manufacturing company which had been involved in rotary & linear motion since 1986.

We specialize in the design and build of small, worm & gear driven rotary motion devices. To this end we offer a range of standard units. Modified or special units will be considered on a case by case basis..

Our standard rotary table product line comprises 6", 4.3"& 3.5" models.

The RALMTEC line is delineated from its competition by its specialization. Many years ago we introduced the first rotary with preloaded crossed roller main bearings (providing immense rigidity in a very low profile) and a spring loaded floating tail bearing (economically maintaining constant solid mesh between the worm & gear). 

The pages of this web site provide full information covering dimensions, specifications, capacities, construction, options, pricing and ordering key.


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